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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus

Welcome to my TV show fan site!

As of now, this site as it is will no longer be operational. This site will not be updated. I'm currently moving all the original material of this site to a new address. 
From now on, please go to this site for the updated circus. In the following weeks, the pages on this site will be removed. Only this home page will remain in case there are people that have links to this address and have not moved as of yet. Thank you for your wonderful attention. You've made this site great, and hopefully I can get more stuff added in the future.
When you go to the new site, you will notice certain features that are from this site and have already been moved. You will notice new additions or things I promised you have on this site are on the new site. Please e-mail me with any questions. Do sign the book with your messages and feel free to have/start any discussions on the forum. ^_^
~Sailor Celaeno~

Welcome to the Circus! I am your friendly, neighborhood ring master, Sailor Celaeno. Hope the circus is entertaining. I hope to present the best performances, I can whip out these pilots.

Duo: HELP!!!! *running away from Sailor's whipping*

Tee hee.

Have fun at the circus. Hope you will not lose your heads or get lost in the mayhem!

I would to thank Melody-chan, Akaitsuru, and Astro for letting me use some pics off of their sites site. Their donations are VERY welcome!

"I must also note that this is a non-yaoi GW site. If you don't like non-yaoi or you think I'm a nut for being non-yaoi about GW, then I'd suggest you leave because ALL mayhem is non-yaoi." *panting*

Quatre: Here. *hands SC a glass of water*
SC: Thanks!

*Also there are spoilers on this site, so if you haven't seen Endless Waltz and DO NOT want info, then you should leave.*

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Another day at the Circus!

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