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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus


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Related Links

On this page I'll include links to other related sites. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

Other Great Gundam Wing Sites!

(Please note that most sites ARE non-yaoi. However, a few MAY have yaoi-content in the sites. I only post them because they are good sites, and for that reason only.)

Desolation Angels


Women of Gundam Wing

Astro's site

Figgy's Gundam Site

Aishiteru- a non-yaoi GW romance site

Trowa/Catherine Shrine

Gundam Wing Fan Paradise

Women of Strength

Trowa Barton... the Silencer

The Spy and the Silencer

Destined Hearts

Other Anime sites that are really good:


Outlaw Star

Sailor Moon's Wicked Cool Site

Anime Explorations-- an online anime magazine created by the otaku of the many GW related MLs I'm on.

Tsubasa no Kami: The Escaflowne movie "A Girl in Gaea"

Here's my Sailor Moon Site!

Ichiban Sailor Senshi--- Now online!!! Born on March 24, 2001!

Non-anime Sites that Sailor Celaeno HIGHLY recommends you visit!

The Official Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie website


The Moulin Rouge website!

Youth Noise

Kazaa- great place to get Mp3's and other media

WinMX- another free downloading network

Morpheus-- yet one more good palce to get media files

If you have a favorite site, send it to me!!!!

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