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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus
Episode and Manga Guides


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Okay, this section is a work in progress. No doubt that, chances are you saw ALL the episodes AND Endless Waltz. In case you missed stuff, I can give you some dish on the episodes. However, it is on the N/A Version. I'm not sure what the real difference is from the original Japanese, so I'll just warn you anyway.

Here I'll have links to different episode guides. Hopefully, I will have something up REALLY soon. I need to get access to ALL the episodes and write up some good summaries and stuff.

I DID manage to record episode 1-35, and a copy of Episode 49, when Gundam Wing was un-cut on Midnight Run. Currently, I'm trying to find time to rewatch these episodes and actually write some episode summaries. Just like this site and my unpublished fanfics, they are works in progress.

I'll put them on the site when they're done. And then if I watch the episodes more times, I'll refine the summaries even better than before. And hopefully they'll turn out nicely.

Well... until I can get access to the episodes.... I'm going to have to refer to you all to

They have episode scripts!!! ^_^

If you can have your own scripts or your own summaries, then submit!

Submissions to:

Yes, that's right, I'm planning on adding summaries AND scripts for the Mangas/Graphic novels! I already have The series GN's 1-3, the entire series cut down to 12 parts.

I'll also get working on them. I'm going to do the other mangas, when they are sold as Graphic novel form because even though I have to pay $9.95 for the novels, in the end, it's cheaper than buying the individual comics. So you'll have to be REALLY patient for Episode Zero, Ground Zero, Blind Target, and Battlefield of Pacifist.