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Site Updates/Miscellaneous Stuff

Here's a little something that you may or may not be interested in.

Here's just a little section to tell you about myself, some ramblings, and other stuff that just didn't fit anywhere on this site.

I'm will be a college freshman starting this fall. I'm from the lovely city of New York. Well college classes are bound to take up a lot of my time in the future, but somehow I'll find the time to build this site and work on fanfics. Hopefully I won't start slacking. I have plenty of free periods in my schedule, so I can find some to update this site of mine....

Well let's see. My birthday is February 23, 1983. I LOVE Gundam Wing obviously. I like Sailor Moon, and Basically any anime shown on Cartoon Network.

I have limited cash flow, so I am unable to watch anime outside of TV. Well, I LOVE writing. IT's been my dream since I was like 8. I've loved Reading stories, and then telling them.

I'm thinking about majoring in something that in the social studies field. I'm also considering psychology and maybe journalism. Probably in college I'll know for sure what I want.

Well as you read any of my site updates, you'll notice I set up dates for when I plan to do certain things. I'm the kind of person who wants to get things done. So I set time goals for myself to make sure it gets done.

Site Updates!

January 3, 2001

Yay! My first update! Well, I added Chapter 17-18 of my Raptures of Paradise. I also added some fics by Preventer Wind. I should be coming up with more updates REALLY soon. Next time, I'll be adding a couple of more fics, and also more links to some good websites.

January 16, 2001

Well another update. Um... I added links to a couple of egroups that I'm a member of. Really good groups to chat and enjoy some good banter and contemplative discussions. If you're not a member already, then JOIN!!!!!!!!

Also, I've decided to change the background to the pages on the site, because I realized that there should be some variety. Next time I should have MORE links, and some more updates on fanfics. PLEASE SEND SOME IN!!!!!!


Well I finally have some BIG additions to the site! I've some new fics, and a piece of gossip. The stories are pretty good, and I'm hoping I can get some more from these two girls! ^_^

Oh yes, and I've been making plans on some other things related to this site. I've decided to start building some character shrines. It will NOT be on this site, it will be on a separate site. Although, I'm not certain if it will be on Tripod or on Fortunecity. But I'll see if I can make it work out on Tripod.

Also, I am considering starting a Mailing List for Sci-fi and Anime fans such as myself. And I figure, a few friends of mine would ALSO be interested so, hopefully I can have a decent group together and some NEW people to join our discussion and general insanity.


Well after almost three weeks of no serious updating, I have some new stuff. I added a piece of fanart that I figure all Quatre fans will enjoy. ^_^

I added a link to another mailing list. It's pretty good, but just to warn you, there are some lemons, and some yaoi fans on it, so you're bound to get yaoi stuff in your Mail box.

I'm still working on my fics. Even came up with more ideas. And I've also been working on a piece of original sci-fi. Um... If I get any interest I'll eventually show people online... My Raptures one.... I'm hoping i can get more done on it. My next goal is to get chapter 19, and maybe 20 and 21 up by the time this vacation I'm on is over.

Oh yes as I've mentioned I was planning on a sci-fi/anime site. I've already started building, but only the bare bones and setting up pages. No official date that I'm going to publish it. Although I'm hoping I can get it on before college starts. As for my circus shrines, um.. I'm hoping that I can get that done by the time I graduate in June.

Oh and I also added three more pictures in the circus album.


*sigh* My vacation is coming to a close. Let's see... changes on the site. I've added a new author to the group. I met her through an ML I'm on. I like her stuff, and I helped her fix spelling/grammar errors, so hopefully, it'll be more convenient for you to read. ^_^

As for my fic... well I have chapter 19 up. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked, and I'm stuck on 20. With any luck, I'll have that up by the beginning of March.

Oh and a friend of mine made an award for me! ^_^


Didn't think I'd have an update SO fast, but I did. IT's AN EXLUSIVE piece of gossip. Hope you read it and have become just as interested as ME!!! ^_^

March 24, 2001
This has been a crazy week for me. I've made a few changes and such. I've made slight edits of my gossip thing from the last update because I've started some controversy on the lists with it and I was too stressed and pressured when I put it up. So sorry if anyone got upset for some reason.

I added another fanart pic, and I added another chapter from my Raptures series. About 6 more chapters to go and this sucker is DONE. And my SM site is up at last!!! As of 6:30pm EST time.

Gomen for the LONG time since my last update.... well, I've been busy, and I'm just here to say, that I'm finally done with Chapter 20. And I fixed my site counter. It'll be a long while until the next update, unless I can squeeze time later this month... I have finals and stuff...

Well senior classes ended for me yesterday!!! ^_^ And my chorus group won a gold rating for our performance at NYSSMA, which is basically a music festival held all over NY state. Sad news is that I'm sick... with a cold *cough*

But besides that stuff... I've added two more chapters to Raptures. Soon the chaotic crossover will be over... and next time I will hopefully be able to upload some fanart that I have found.

I've been meaning to update this site sooner. However, finals, and other complications happened and it didn't happen. I've added a picture to the fanart Photoalbum.

And I'm so happy, within a day or two, this site will get 500 hits!!!! ^_____^ I'm so happy and proud my baby is going to hit 500!!!!

I also got invited to another webring the other day. I'm on a couple of others... Operation Non-Yaoi... Unfortunately, I can't recall the name of the other ring I'm on. Just saying that if you got to my site through the third ring, then please e-mail me and remind me the name of the ring. I need to speak to the ringmasters to get the html banners for their rings on my site.

And I FINALLY finished the saga of Raptures. After much delay and anticipation.. I got a burst of inspiration and finally finished... however I may consider making future revisions, but only if I get any reviews that suggest I do.

I also added a few more links to my link page. I have some friends from some ML's and such that are great sites and I'd like to help them a little, and get their links on my site. A few also have my link on their sites.

Final note, is that I"m going away to Europe starting this coming Wednesday. My next fic is going to be an exciting sequel to Raptures. I've been working on the first 4-5 parts of it already. However, because of my trip, and my perfectionism, you won't see any of it until at LEAST late July to early August. So, that's something to wait for.

Well some minor little changes. Mostly just making some adjustments to the general look of the site. I'm going to make some more changes like adding more pages to this site. Hopefully these new pages will add a little something to this baby of mine. I'm still working on some fics on the side, but of course college is coming into the picture and I may have less time in the future.

Most of the changes will be just a little moving around of some stuff that's been on my site for a while. I'm also trying to see if I can get some more fanart and such on the site. I'm also working on putting a couple of new fanfic submissions.

Hopefully I'll have the new pages up before school starts, aka next update.

I hadn't anticipated in making updates already. But I've added some info on the news/gossip page. Other than that I'm still working on the things I said I'd be working on from the last message.


Okay some MAJOR changes in the site AND my life. The major changes are some changes on the site. I've changed the sizes of the type, and I've added some features like my long awaited Character shrines. I hope you love it as much as I love making it. I'm also panning to make those Episode summaries like I've been meaning to for over 6 months now.

I've also decided to add a manga area. Please note that if you think you can add something to information I have then by all means submit more information.

Because of my own lapse in judgment i've had a virus on my comp and destroy my whole computer. So I'm borrowing a computer for now. I've lost all the new fanfic submissions that I haven't put up.

Please note this ALL people submitting fanfics... PLEASE RESEND those fics! I apologize those who have sent me material for my site. Please resend!


Due to the horrible circumstances, I've added a guest book and hope that you sign it, and leave messages in memory of the poor people that were victims, and the anguished families left behind. As I mentioned I was my brother made it out alive, and so have others of my acquaintance. For the next couple of weeks, I may make updates related to this way to honor the people of my city, and DC.

GW related updates, won't be made until the end of the month at the earliest. Thanks for you patience.

Well, I'm on another webring. And I'm happy that the link is on here already. I hope you enjoy the other websites on those rings. And if you're here because of the rings than great for you too. ^_^

Hopefully I can figure a way out of my current computer problems in relations to adding and updating certain things on this site. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances, I'm currently unable to update the characters shrine section. So you'll just have to satisfy yourself with what I have for now. In the future I may completely change that site area, not certain as of yet.

And yes, I'm working on my fics, but of course certain situations in my life have been more pressing. I apologize to anyone who was expecting something big from me, and I haven't delivered. Believe me, I'm also a fanfic reader, so I understand that frustration of liking someone's work, and then anxiously waiting for something more from the writer. If you happen to be like that about my stories, than PLEASE be patient.

On another note, I'm thinking of rebuilding this site into another address. It'll still be on Tripod, but I'm going to just change the address to something less clunky as this Sailorcelaeno16 address.

I'll keep the homepage of this site, just so you can be warned, in case you bookmarked this site.

The only update I have this time is a new page on the site. It'll be my Anime Mp3 request page. Unfortunately, I'm at school, so I have NO access to my official list of songs in my collection. It's a work in progress. If I'm lucky by the end of this week or next week, I can put up an official list of what I've got. Since I'm usually getting more songs every weekend, I'm going to updating this list a LOT! ^_^ So stay tuned!

okay, I finally got around to making those updates to the music page. Until I can find a good place to get the music from, then this is how it'll stay, as a request page.

I made a change in the homepage for the season. I'll be doing that from now on. I'm making progress with the new Circus site. Hopefully I'll have it ready or at least mostly ready before Christmas time.

Also I'm moving the circus shrines to a 1avenue website. I'll be experimenting with HTML. When I have at least the homepage and the pages online, I'll tell you what the address is. That should hopefully also be done before Christmas.

If life is nice to me, I'll have more updates in two weeks, on the 19.

Well, I'm working on the new Anime music site for you all to enjoy. I'm experimenting with passwords and such to control the bandwidth that you people use. Do help me out with any comments on how effective the passwords are working.

I'm adding more songs on the list. Just please be patient with me. I'm really trying to make this site a better place for everyone to enjoy, but I'm going to be severely disappointed if you take advantage of my generosity. People will be hurt. Thanks and wish me luck!

Tripod is being very difficult! I'm not able to upload more songs to my file manager. If you're not trying to get mp3's from me, then you wouldn't understand why this is an issue. But this IS an issue for those who DO want songs, know that you're basically downloading from my tripod file manager. I can't upload more files for some reason. I'll apologize if some of the song links aren't working, but that's because I posted the link before I was able to upload them. >_< -_-;;;

I'm putting songs in a MyPlay locker, but I'm still hoping either Tripod or some other server will be nice and let me put songs on them so it'll be more convenient for you all to get songs, and for me to give them out.

I'm also working at the other areas of the site, but the mp3 thing is driving me crazy!!!! I'm working on fanfics, and I'm also getting fanfics to post here, but well... you know what's been distracting me...

Anywho, I'm hoping you'll be patient, because I'm one of those small numbers of webmasters that try so hard with their sites, so I hope you appreciate the agonies I go through for you all! Okay.. enough with the guilt talk...

Good news and bad news of Various kinds. I've added more links to the Music site. However, I see there is still a problem. I'm putting the songs on Tripod. I only have three accounts: This account, the sailormoon website account, and another account that I was planning to host the New Circus site. However I changed my mind and decided to redo the whole site using HTML only. I decided that I'm going to use that account for another website idea all together. The filemanagers for all three will only house the mp3's. Other files like fanfics and pictures will be housed on the new Circus site which is WILL BE at Topcities. UNTIL it's a complete move of this site, I will keep this site up and NOT reveal it's new location as of yet.

What does this mean? This means I have roughly 150MB or less of space for music. I know what you must be thinking. "Wow you have LOTs of space for you music right?" Yes AND no. What I mean is, is that it's room for lots of music, however as of THIS update, I currently have about 400 MB of anime music on my compy. O_O If you do the math, you'll realize that 150mb from three accounts is NOT enough to house ALL the music. So, until I find a new solution to the problem, I'm housing any music that doesn't fit into the Tripod Accounts on MyPlay. When that situation comes, I'll let you music enthusiasts get that info.

Once again there's not real progress on most of my website. -_-;;; I'm ashamed of myself for neglecting my fanfics, episode guides, and ecetera. But I've decided since I'm moving this site to Topcities, I'm going to leave those new additions for the new site, which gives me more time to work on the new stuff! ^_^

One last note is that I'm also hosting e-mail that you can get through If you're interested sign up. I have account there as well. ^_^ It holds 3mb of mail. You could get more space, but I'm not sure if you need to pay or what. You probably do.

Also, I put up a Mailing list for you to find out about any updates on this site without having to check like every week and hoping for an update. I DO encourage you to visit.. ^_~, although, if you only want to see updates and improvements on the site, then the mailing list is the thing for you to do. So hope you like the minor details. My main goal is to have the new site ready for the first anniversary of the website! ^_^

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone of you visitors. I hope that you have a nice and safe weekend. Now on to the new things I've been doing since the last update.

I've finally decided on a clever plan to deal with the Mp3's. If you've been to the music site, then feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph. Okay the new rule is that any files under 900k will be on my Topcities account. (Yeah there is stuff that short.) Topcities placed a limit on how large a file can be on their file managers. All other files up to 3.5mb will be on one of the three Tripod Accounts. Everything over 3.5 mb will be on Which means that you will need to e-mail me for the login information to get the files. Note, that I will keep an eye out for any unauthorized deletions on that account. Should that happen, I will immediately have the password changed. If there are any thieves trying to change the password, then I'll simply create a new account, or some other trick to get around your evilness. Since you have to e-mail me for the login info, I'll eventually figure out who you are. I'm not someone to toy with. I'm not someone who will be screwed around with, got me? *glare at would-be sneaks and thieves*

Second thing, I've been currently moving the fanfics to my topcities account. Everything except Break In has been moved, so you will either not be able to get access to them, or they are under a new address. After the fanfics are moved, the fanart will also be moved, and then the other NON mp3 files. Also within a couple of months the character shrines will officially be closed and deleted from this account. Before I close down the Tripod Circus site, I'll give you all TWO WEEKS (i.e. 01/12-01/26) to change any bookmarks to pages on this site. Then, I'm simply going to get rid of everything on the site except the homepage, which will display a message of some sort to link you to the new site.

Finally, I must report that because of finals and the holidays coming up, I'm going to do the following. Mp3's will be moved and dealt with on Mondays. Building/moving the rest of the site will be on Mondays, if I have time, and any other time available. After December 13, there will be little to NO updates or changes until January 14. I know you must be thinking... O_o;;;

The story is that First off, I have no classes after 12/13 (last day of finals). Secondly, by 12/22, Fordham University will be closed until New Year's. Thirdly, spring semester classes don't begin until the 01/14, so there is very little possibility that I will have any updates or additions during that month of vacation. The only way there will be updates is either 1) I actually came to school for some reason, 2) I'm at someone's house and they let me do stuff on their compy, 3) I'm actually using my stupid HP comp at home that's breaking down. I will be honest right now and say that choice 1 would be more likely should I have changes during that month.

That's enough of my meaningless yacking. I'll leave you alone. Happy holidays!

Sorry, some delays on the Music site delayed me. I'm working on putting more songs online, and also building the new site. I'm now putting all fanfiction on the new site. I'm not linking it though. *sh...* It's a secret location. ^_~

I changed the frontpage layout, but otherwise nothing else to report. Everything will be pretty much stay the same until this site closes. I'll only add update notices on this page.

That's all for now... Sailor is signing off! ^_^