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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus
The Circus Photo Album

Here are some more piccies of the pilots and other characters. Feel free to take the pictures, but let me know if it's for a site. I'd like to visit, and so would the rest of the Circus!


Even at a young and tender age, the pilots and Miss Relena show their love for their animal friends. ^__^


Even as a kid, Relena has a little magic.

Chibi-Duo: Hey Hee-chan! Why don't you be her
lovely assistant???? *snickering*
Chibi-Heero: *glare* Baka!


Chibi Heero practicing his trapeeze act, which he is now a proficient performer!

Chibi-Relena: You were really good Heero! *hugs him*
Chibi-Heero: Uh... thanks Relena. *o_o;*
Chibi-Duo: Hee hee, I knew you love her. ^______^
Chibi-Heero: *glare at Duo*


Here's picture of Duo up to his old tricks again.

Duo: *angrily* What do you mean????
SC: You were a little scamp you know.
Duo: *glare*
SC: But... you were VERY adorable.
Duo: ^_____^
SC: It's not hard to please him.


Even as a chibi, Trowa isn't afraid of anything! ^_^


Ah, the lovely ladies of the circus.


More ladies of the circus... although I feel sorry for Noin....

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THanks to Akaitsuru for the circus chibis!