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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus
The Anime Music Page!

This is not for Gundam Wing only! This is an Anime-inclusive page.


Reason: This is for an obvious reason. Because if you have your own program, you can get these songs for yourself!!!! And if I have songs that you don't have, then I think you're just being lazy or impatient for not waiting for someone on the Swapper to show up with the songs.

But I DO understand that there are certain songs, that for some unknown reason, seems to be VERY difficult to find. (There is an Escaflowne song that seems to be giving me problems to locate.) These songs, overall were pretty easy to find. Just waiting around for a little while, or after a few sessions using the server paid off and I got these. So if for some unknown reason, if these songs are something you want, but can't get, then ask me and I'll deliver. Please also note, that I'm not planning on actually sending songs through e-mail or AIM anymore. I tried it a couple of times, and it was really inconvenient for me, hence I have a website now! ^_^

If you are like me where you have a fairly notable collection of Mp3's (at least 10 should be a minimum) and you don't mind having people ask you for the songs, then please join me and help our fellow anime fans!

If you want to help me, then please contact me. All you need to do is to give me your name, your e-mail address to be listed on this page and/or your AIM/ICQ/etc. name, and a list of songs you have. I'd prefer that you list it in the manner that I've done below. It will be easier for me, and for people to find out if you have what they need, okay?

Like many of you, I'm a music lover by heart. On AIM I'm PiscesMaiden.

And one last note. Most of the songs I have will be listed by the soundtrack they are located, and the track number. However a few songs are featured on more than one soundtrack so that accounts for the repeats in listing. Also in the Case of Sailor Moon, there are TOO MANY soundtracks to list, so I'm only going to label them by the name that I have. There are also a few songs that I can't figure out what the original track name is. Although if you or someone knows that the songs real names are, then contact me about this also. Most songs are listed in the English Translation or by the name that was given to me when I got the songs.

If there's a song you wanted me to put online, let me know!

Great news!!! I've finally found a place for you to download my songs! ^_^ Just go to the Anime Music site!

The Anime Music Site!

Okay, I have mostly Vision of Escaflowne songs, but I also have a few Sailor Moon songs, Gundam Wing, and Outlaw Star. I'm currently building up my collection. If there are certain songs you want then I'll try to get them, because chances are I want them too. ^_~

Okay, below are my current lists of songs that I possess.
Since I already have the website online, this list is no longer accurate. I have MORE songs than is listed here, and I'm slowly finding the time to put them online.

The Vision of Escaflowne/Tenkuu no Escaflowne

Original Soundtrack/Over the Sky:
1)Yakusoku Wa Iranai (The Japanese Theme song); 2) FLying Dragon; 4) Murder; 6)Angel; 8) Romance; 10) Wings; 11)Gloria; 13)Empty the Pocket; 14)White Dove; 15)Mystic Eyes; 16)Deja Blue

Original Soundtrack 2:
2) Fanelia; 4)Charm; 6)A Mole Man; 7)Cradle song; 8)Machine Soldier; 9)Shadow of Doubt; 14) Cat's Delicacy; 16)Hitomi Theme

Original Soundtrack 3:
3) Epistle; 4) Farewell; 5)Aoi Hitomi 6)Perfect World; 12)Blaze; 14)Hikari no Naka E

Lovers' only:
1) Yakusoku wa Iranai; 3)Memory of Fanelia; 5) Zaibach; 6) Flying Dragon; 7) Cradle Song; 11) Epistle; 12) Perfect World; 14) Hitomi Theme; 15) Angel; 19) Mystic Eyes; 20) The Story of Escaflowne

Escaflowne the Movie: A Girl in Gaea
1)Yubiwa; 2)First Vision; 3)Colors; 10)Sora; 13) Take my Hands; 16)Sora's Folktale; 20) Tree of Hearts; 21)We're Flying; 23)Final Vision; 25)You're Not Alone

not featured on the soundtracks:
The Fox Kids opening theme song

Outlaw Star

2) Throught the Night; 7) Hack; 8) Flight; 10) Silence; 13) Edge; 16) Fear; 19) Suzuka; 21) Setsuna; 23) Grand; 24) Over; 25) Asiatic; 27) Tears; 28) Hiru no Tsuki; 30)Jade

1) Get Higher; 3) Crash; 10) Away; 14)Wander; 25) Tsuki no Ie; 27) Secret;

(not featured on soundtracks)
Melfina's song (English version of Melfina singing in the tune of Hiru no Tsuki)

Gundam Wing

Operation 1:
1) The Wings of a Boy who killed adolescence; 3) In the Scent of Gunpowder, blood returns; 5) When the Dragon Submerges; 6) Just Communication; 14) Inside the Girl's Heart; 16) To Love, Beauty, Elegance; 38) Just Communication Instrumental; 39) Code Name Heero Yuy;

Operation 2:
5) Knock on Morning's Door; 10) Soldier's with Unmarked Graves; 13) An Invitation from Hell; 19) Break Out;

Operation 3:
1) Always a Secret; 3) Brightness and Darkness; 4) Kitto Ok!; 5) Joy to My Life; 13) The Eye of a Mobile Doll; 19) I don't like Fairytales;

Operation 4:
1) In my Words Alone; 3) Wild Wing; 5) Star's Gaze; 6) Love is a Shooting Star;

Operation S:
8) Heero's Dream; 14) Battlefield; 16) Holy Night; 21) Riot of Citizens; 23) White Reflection;

Blind Target 1:
9) Brave Eyes

Blind Target 2:
7) Take off to the Sky

Song Singles:
Rhythm Emotion Melody Version; Rhythm Emotion Pure; Night of Fire; Last Impression; Endless Love;

(Not featured on Soundtracks)
Heero Grosses out Duo- From Episode 3, the part where Heero fixes is broken leg and well you know what Duo's reaction was! ^_~; Duo and Heero- Funny conversation about Gundams from Episode 4 in English Dub.

On soundtracks, but unable to determine original track name:
Heavyarms' theme; Heero and Milliardo-Epyon; Mission Accomplished; True Reflection;

Blue Submarine No. 6
Mina Soko ni Nemure (The Ending theme song)

Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team:
Elador's song (The song that he wrote and was played on the radio)

Sailor Moon

Battle Against Queen Beryl; Holy Grail (Saturn's La la song); Tomoe Hotaru's Prologue (in Japanese); Firefly; Death of Neptune; for the Princess; Tuxedo Mask's Theme song; Saturn's Transformation; Search for your Love; Circus came from the Amazon; Seiya's Memories; Starlights Appear; carry on; My only Love, Rainy Day Man;

Cowboy Bebop OST 1:
1) Tank!; 9) Piano Black; 17) Memory

Cowboy Bebop OST 2: "No Disc"
2) Fantasie Sign; 11) Green Bird;

Cowboy Bebop OST 3: "Blue"
2) Words That We Couldn't say; 4) Mushroom Hunting; 17) The Real Folk Blues;

Below is where I hope some nice people will share their files and etc.

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