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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus


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I love to read fanfiction!

Currently this page is no longer working or being updated. This will soon be deleted once all fanfics are moved to the new page. Please go to to read the fanfics. Thank you.

You are free to send me all the fanfiction you've written. Only that they must be written about the Gundam Wing gang.

Here's a few things I want from you all when you submit.

1) The Subject line may contain the Title and the part/Chapter (if any) and what type of fic it is.

2) a teaser to entice the readers to read your fic.

3) AVOID anti-"character" fics. If there is slight teasing I'll take it. THe main characters of GW are in my Circus and I'm obligated to like them, which I do! (Duo: Oh good *sighs of relief*)

4) No YAOI!!!! THis is a non-yaoi site.

Heero has an unspoken love for Relena. What will happen to that love when Relena gets kidnapped?

Stories by Calla

Some good fics by Calla. A mixed bag of goodies right here. Some AU, some romance, and some citrus?? Well, if you're intrigued, then take a peak! ^_^