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Cast Biographies

All information about the pilots BEFORE the events of Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz are based on manga information on


On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of Gundam Wing. Aren't they ALL yummy?

Wufei: What do you think we are? Food????

GW fans: *drooling and giving them funny looks*

Duo: That was NOT the smartest thing to ask THEM *pointing at GW fans.

Wufei: Argh!!! RUN!!!! *they all proceed to run away from the stampeding GW fans*

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Heero Yuy(pilot of Wing Zero)

Heero Yuy has no known past. What little is known is that he was an orphan and a ward of Odin Lowe. He later trained under Doctor J as the pilot of Wing Zero. He is considered the "leader" of the Gundam Pilots.

Born: A.C. 180, place: unknown

His special gifts: He's an excellent pilot, good with computers, good at shooting, taking other people's names... Ah you get the idea, ne?


Duo Maxwell (pilots of Deathscythe Hell)

His origins are sketchy. He was also orphaned when he was young. He was raised on the streets with by an "older-brother" friend named Solo. Unfortunately, Solo dies in a plague outbreak, leaving Duo alone in the colonies. He becomes Duo because Solo is always with him.

He ends up under the care of a Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. Unfortunately, they are killed by Earth Sphere under suspicion of hiding spies in the church. In honor of Father Maxwell, he takes on his last name.

Since death follows him everywhere, he decides the only god in the world is Death, and he takes the nickname, Shinigami, the god of Death.


Trowa Barton (Triton Bloom, aka pilot of Heavyarms)

He was born Triton Bloom. He was separated when he was a young toddler, and no longer had a family. He wandered and found a family with rebels that were fighting against Earth Sphere. He is only known as Nanashi, "No Name".

A.C. 190, he meets Midii Une, who was supposedly a nice girl. Little did he realize, she was a spy sent to infiltrate the location of the rebels. The rebels are destroyed, and he is ready to kill her. However, he has a change of heart and lets her live, but leaves her alone. He never hears of her again.

Later, he becomes worker in the Barton family corporation, where he learns that Gundams were part of a plan to take over the Earth and the colonies. The real Trowa Barton was shot and Nanashi replaced him. From thay day onward he became known as Trowa Barton.

Then he met Catherine Bloom and the other pilots... and the rest is history!


Quatre Raberba Winner (pilot of Sandrock)

He is the only son out of 30 children! And the baby in the family as well! He comes from a prominent family in the space colonies. He chose to pilot Sandrock to defend his colony so that no one else has to fight.

The only sister that you meet in the series is Iria Winner who is a doctor. The most significant turning point in his life was the death of his father. He becomes insane when he allows the Zero system to take over. However nearly killing his friends snapped him out of it and gave him a new reason to fight for what he believes in.


Wufei Chang (pilot of Shenlong)

As a member of the Dragon clan, he was married young to a girl named Meiran. At first he was a studious, young man. However his wife was more action/agressive oriented and was the one who wanted to fight her enemies and defeat ALL weaklings [sound familiar??? :)]. However, she was killed while piloting a mobile suit. Wufei, who had started getting closer to her was angry at her death and took over her role as a fighter. In her honor, he calls his gundam "Nataku". He was the lone Dragon, fighting for JUSTICE!!!!! Determined to do things his way and alone.

Of course, until he meets the other pilots...


Zechs Merquieze (Milliardo Peacecraft, pilot of the Tallgeese and later the Epyon)

He was born the prince of the Sank kingdom and older brother of Relena.

He became known as Zechs Merquieze when he became a soldier of OZ and turned against his family's pacifist beliefs. He was an OZ soldier, then he became the commander of the White Fang Rebels. His whole life was filled with violence and war. As commander of the White Fang, he wanted to achieve peace by destroying the enemy. His belief was that by seeing the ugliness of war first hand, the people would understand it's evils and do whatever they can to prevent it.

It was through his defeat on Libra that he returns as a defender of the new found peace on Earth.


Treize Khushrenada

He was the leader of the Earth's Sphere Alliance military. That is until OZ emerged and took over the Earth and all her colonies. The Romefeller Foundation is the main group in charge, and OZ is simply the military gun backing them. The leader of Romefeller is Treize's uncle, Duke Dermail.

However, Treize saw a different for himself and was exiled in Luxembourg. Oz soldiers that were strict, loyal follwers of Treize were rebeling as the Treize faction.

He became, literally, the KING OF THE WORLD for a few brief episodes, until Wufei kills him through a mobile suit battle.

Because I'm moving this site soon, the frontpage site will be closed from this point onward. I will no longer have the shrines pages located here.


Mariemaia Khushrenada

Like Dorothy, she was influenced by HER grandfather, Dekim Barton. Daughter of Treize, she became convinced that her father's dream was to rule the world in his way. However she soon realizes that her grandfather was only using her as a figurehead for HIS plans to control the Earth and her colonies.

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Relena Dorlian (birth name: Relena Peacecraft)

As Relena Peacecraft, she was a member of the Peacecraft family, the rulers of the Sank kingdom. In a violent revolution, her family was deposed. In the midst of the chaos, Relena was taken by Mr. Dorlian, who became her adopted father. Later she meet Heero Yuy, who ends up leading her to many events that would change her life.


Hilde Sheibecker

Hilde was an OZ soldier when she first met Duo Maxwell. Duo made her realize that the Gundams were the only ones who were really looking out for the welfare of the colonies. Since then they became friends and business partners.

However, there are hints of a deeper, {dare I say it... Romantic?} relationship between Hilde and Duo. A strong indication that Duo has a strong affection for Hilde is when she steals information from Libra in order to help the pilots and she nearly dies. Of course... Duo saves her, after calling her a crazy fool for doing this for him. (You a LITTLE worried there Duo??? *snicker*)


Catherine Bloom

Like her brother Trowa, there is sketchy details about her. As a child, she became separated from Trowa, then known as Triton. However their parents were killed and she joined the circus where she is a knife thrower.

Even though they didn't know their real relationship, they were still close and Cathy shows she really does love Trowa. After all, she stopped him from allowing himself to get killed in a MS fight!


Dorothy Catalonia

Ah yes. The war-loving girl. However, she wasn't ALWAYS like this. She is the granddaughter of Duke Dermail, and therefore is a cousin of Treize's. She lost her mother at a young age, and she only had male influences in her life. Her father was a general before he was killed. She became the ward of Duke Dermail, who is a power-hungry, war-loving old man himself! No wonder she thinks the way she does!

Of course, things change when she fights Quatre in a duel. Even though she stabs him, his words appealed to her gentler side, and she starts to change her mind about things. "It's not weak to be kind." (This is why there are Dx4 fans, like me.)


Sally Po

She is another sketchy person. All that we know is that she was a doctor working for OZ. Then she abandons the organziation and helps fight for China's independence from Romefeller.

She ends up helping Wufei see that "weaklings" fight because it is more important that one fights for one's own beliefs, than whether they are weak or not.

[This is why I like her. :)]


Lucrezia Noin

Another soldier of OZ. Loyal as ever, she follows Zechs. She protects Relena, because she saw what Zechs could see in his sister. Relena is the best chance for epace in the world.

However she is NO lap-dog for Zechs. She has her own agenda. She was ready to fight him when he planned to destroy the Earth with the battleship Libra. All because she knew what he was going to do was wrong and she had to try to stop him.

There are romantic undertones in her relationship with Zechs. Maybe it's his mask... or his brooding nature... or maybe what's under the mask... (Sorry. Got carried away.)


Colonel/Lady Une

As colonel Une, she was a tough-as-nails kind of woman. Cruel, and angry, she was a dangerous woman to fight.

However an encounter with Trowa made her see things a little differently. From then onward, she became Lady Une, a peaceful woman, who no longer had a fiery anger. More like a soldier with a calmer, clearer vision.

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.