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The Neo-Gundam Wing Circus
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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

I would LOVE to put some fanart here. I LOVE chibis, but if you have any Non-yaoi pictures, then I will take it. ANY KIND of non-yaoi fanart will be accepted here! Just two little rules:

1) Label the subject line of your e-mail with the subject of the fanart.

2) In the e-mail, list anything you want me to say about your picture(s) to peak interest.

Yay!!! I finally got a pic!!! ^_^ This was drawn by Detsura Machina from the GWFF group. Thanks for letting me put this on!!! ^_^


e-mail Detsura Machina


Well here's Trowa at last to keep his buddy Quatre company up in those happy puffy clouds! ^_^


A nice pic of the lovely ladies of the circus.

E-mail Lucrezia Noin-Peacecraft

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