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The Character Shrines
Okay, time to enjoy the wonder that is the Gundam Wing Characters. These are where I put my essay and such.
I'm thinking about also making this into a place where you can feel free to submit any fanworks that are pertinent to specific characters. This also includes essays of your own!

Please note that ALL updates will be listed on the Neo-Gundam Wing Circus site. So if you want to see what I've added since 

And of course, I don't any of these characters. However, ALL opinions and material, that have not been credited to another individual or group, is purely from my own head.

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Here are some essays for you to chew on:
Why is Gundam Wing, not just a guy show?
There's romance, isn't there?
Yaoi vs. non-yaoi
Why do fans love Gundam Wing?

If you have questions, comments, or some submissions for me, then e-mail!

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