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General Essays
Time to put up with my rantings. Let the ranting begin.

Why is Gundam Wing not just a guy Show?
  It's not a difficult thing to grasp really. The fact of the matter is that it all comes down to the certain appeals of the show. There are different parts of the show that appeal to females. Of course, I'd know from personal experience.
    The story is always the big thing. Without a solid appealing story, there is nothing worth watching expect Mobile suits blowing each other up. The story of war and peace, and the balancing act on that fine line between right and wrong is always present. From the beginning you're never quite sure if Zechs Merquise and Treize Khushrenada are really the bad guys, or potential heroes that are simply misunderstood. Another interesting part of the plot is the room for romance. The director had said he never had intention of having romance since he was uncertain at how to portray it. However, for fans, there's always room for it. Hence, there is that division of fans that suspect there could be same-sex relationships and hetero pairings.
    For me storywise, I like the fact that these characters are 3-d made. Not talking animation wise, but in the depth of their personalities and their views on the war. You have views that are of ALL parts of the spectrum. You have pacifists, and you have extremists. You have people that only want justice, and you have people that only want to show how ugly war can be when it costs the lives of people for stupid reasons.
    Another nice perspective is that you can see the realistic view of the world. Peace is never easy, and can easily be broken, as we see with Endless Waltz.

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There's Romance, isn't there?

   Ah... romance. L'amour, the sweet wonders of two people searching to find each other. Such wonderful thoughts that make the heart pitter-patter with excitement. Do these feelings exist in Gundam Wing? Technically, I AM sad to say, the answer is no. There was no intention of that sort when the production team created this AU to Gundam. But any English teacher will show you ten thousand things in a book that the writer never gave a second thought to. And that is the Fan view on Romance in Gundam Wing.
    There are two perspective camps on this matter, and a small third one as well. There is yaoi/yuri. Basically, there are same-sex relationships that could exist on this show. Among the more popular ones are Heero-Duo, Trowa-Quatre, Wufei-Treize/Wufei-Duo. I won't debate on this matter because the same arguments would be applied to the Non-yaoi pairings, and further more, no one will change their perspective on this issue.
    The second is of course the non-yaoi or Canon fans. Basically pairings that are possible, but they are hetero pairings. I go to the canon pairings in more depth in the individual characters' pages.
    A surprising third camp, can be called bi-sexual. In other words, the kind of pairings that one would find in three-way romances that have one character loving someone of both sexes.
    While, I am a Canon supporter, I will admit that some alternate pairing have certain appeals that would  make them somewhat possible. But in the end, what really matters is what do YOU, the individual, believe in? No matter what your preferences of pairings are, the big thing is that you believe in it. After all, no one can really define love, just as you can't see it, or taste it, or hold it in your hands. Love isn't tangible, but you experience and feel it's effects all the time.

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Yaoi vs. Non-yaoi

    Just as with the whole romance debate, this is no different a topic of discussion. I personally don't agree with most yaoi/yuri pairings in GW fandom. However, as I have said in my Romance essay, there could be different interpretations of the many relationships that people have speculated about these characters.
    I have no problems with yaoi/yuri pairings because those reflect reality. In real life there are gay couples. Who can honestly say that love is limited to only hetero/straight couples? In fact, as the dictionary describes it, the very term "soul mate" is "someone, in which, one has similar ideas, and temperaments. In other words, your soul mate is like the other half of you, the person or, in many cases, the people, that you have a special relationship and bond with. Who wrote a law saying that your soul mate must be the opposite sex or is the one you must marry and/or have sex with?
    This unique term has become synonymous with Romantic/Sexual love, which is very limiting when you look at it. After all, you love your family and your friends, but that doesn't mean you want to marry any of them, right? So how can you limit the many aspects of love into just ONE definition?
    I'm not saying that one side is right, but I AM saying that, even though I don't agree with Yaoi interpretation of GW, power to those that do. It's what they believe in, and I won't have the nerve and arrogance of judging anybody harshly for it. I only hope that no one will judge me harshly for my thoughts on this matter and on any others in the future.

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Why do fans love Gundam Wing?

        Why do fans love Gundam Wing? There's no brain surgery or great theory of complex thought to really understand why people LOVE Gundam Wing. Fans in general, love many things about Gundam Wing. The biggest thing of course is the Mecha. Who can resist large, fighting machines called Mobile Suits? And who can resist the even greater Gundams? Not many I think. There's nothing like watching a good MS fight to get the ol' blood pumping in the system is there? These Mecha are designed to be fighting machines in the story, and sleekly designed to impress those mechanical loving people interested in the abilities of those weapons.
    Especially for the female fans, the guys themselves are what fangirls LOVE!!! They are bishonnen and just absolutely too well drawn to resist. There's nothing that gets a girl's attention, but a cute looking guy.
    But there are fans like me that are very much attracted to the story and the personalities of these characters. These are not some cut-board cut out people. They have beliefs, feelings, and ideas that really reflect the ideals of different people. It is within this world that we can really see ourselves reflected back and see for ourselves how foolish we can be.

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