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My secret page!

My Sailor Moon music page!

Welcome to my Sailor Moon Music!

You like Sailor Moon too? You must be since you're here! Please forgive me that these songs aren't in any album order since this anime has many soundtracks. I'm listing them by the name in which I was given. I'll try to desribe them as best as possible.

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Sailor Moon Songs
Tuxedo Mask's ThemeWhat the title says.Tuxedo Mask's Theme
Sailor Saturn's TransformationOnce again what the title says.Sailor Saturn's Transformation
Hotaru ThemeA nice theme song that is similar to the Holy Grail Song.Hotaru Theme
The Battle Against BerylOriginal BGM for the final battle against Queen BerylThe Against Beryl
Holy Grail: The Lalala SongThey play this song just before the senshi show up and Rini loses her heart.Holy Grail
Tomoe Hotaru's PrologueUnfortunately I don't know Japanese, otherwise I'd explain it better.not yet uploaded
Death of NeptuneI believe this comes from Sailor Moon S when they discover the missing talisimans.Death of Neptune
For The PrincessI'm pretty sure this is from Sailor Stars, since the melody is a version of the theme song.not yet uploaded
Sailor Stars Theme SongWish I knew what the exact name was.Sailor Stars Theme Song
Search for Your LoveI LOVE this song. Basically it's a song that the Three Lights are using to find Princess Fireball. ARGH!! I always forget what her Japanese name is!@ My Play
Amazoness QuartetAh.. a nice medley and theme song for the Amazon Quartet!Amazoness Quartet
Seiya's Memories I think this is one of those BGM's that they use.Seiya's Memory
Starlights AppearBGM used when the Starlights show up on the scene.Starlights Appear
My Only LoveThey play this when Usagi/Serena discovers that she is the Moon Princess. In the NA dub only.My Only Love
Carry On The song they play when Sailor Moon battles Queen Beryl. In NA dub only. Not yet uploaded
Rainy Day ManThis is supposed to be a song about Lita's relationship with Ken. In NA dub only.Not yet uploaded
FireflyA lovely song from Sailor Moon S.
Pegasus to Chibi UsaThe theme song for Chibi Usa and Pegasus from Super S.Pegasus to Chibi Usa
My Friend's LoveThe song that Michiru/Michelle performs with the Three Lights in one of their concerts.My Friend's Love
I Want Someone to LoveA track from Luna Rock I think. I thank my friend for finding it for me.I Want Someone to Love